Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carolun New York Polish, The Bronx & 125th Street Station

The Bronx. This is pink done right! I'm not a pink kinda girl, but his polish is so perfect that I can be! This is the best pink cream I have ever used. I love it. In person this is a tad brighter, very pigmented. This is 3 coats no base, no top. (who needs a top coat with these anyways! Look at that glossy shine!)

Here we have 125th Street Station a pretty pink shimmer that leans just a little lavender. This also had perfect application (they all do!) This isn't quite as glossy as the others, but still amazing. I wore this to a job interview. I think it's a good work color. This was 3 coats, no top, no base.

I'm trying to do laundry and my nails (I know I must be crazy). So I'm not gonna read blogs and comment till later tonight. Hope everyone is having an awesome day!