Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carolyn New York Polish, Spanish Harlem

This polish has a secret ....... and I'm gonna share it with you! But first let me give you the full story. So I pulled this out of the draw (untried) and said brown is not for me! But I must try it and swatch it, anyways. And I did. And you know what I found out? .... This isn't your everyday brown shimmer, nope it has a secret surprise! This brown shimmer has red shimmer! So so pretty! I tried to capture this in my pic's but couldn't. So this is a dark brown shimmer but walk outside, and even on an overcast day you can see the beautiful red shimmer in this! I said to my dad "This isn't my color, when would I wear this? and he said "To the Opera". And In an instant, I saw myself: Red hair pulled up, a beautiful flowing gown. A string of gems and pearls across my neck. And I was perfect! No flaws, just elegance. The man next to me saw no one but me, heard no voice but mine. And I was he's queen! This is how a simple polish, made me feel. I know it sounds silly .....but it's the truth! Everyone says "A picture says a thousand words" But I say "sometimes a thousand words just isn't enough!" This polish is understated, simple, almost plain. But inside it is a gem. A diamond in the rough........This is 3 coats, no base, no top.


  1. Whoa - That is beautiful - the last photo is hypnotic.... *drool* Love your story!

  2. Thank you Kitty for that uplifting story! I can totally picture you in just that look and setting. I better get this one! I hope they straighten up their web site so we can all order again. I really wish there would be new collections. It's really a great brand of polish.

  3. I love how you write about this polish. you made me smile... and the color is so beautiful on you!

  4. Wow, a story and a really gorgeous polish! I'm glad you gave this one a try, because it's beautiful on you - and the story was even better. I would buy this polish anyway, but the red shimmer just makes it that much more appealing. Sometimes just something like that on your nails can be mesmerizing and inspiring!

  5. Deez Nails - Thanks! This is a good color for you!

    Lucy - I wish they had a new collection!!!!

    Inbal - Thanks I'm glad you liked it.

    Nicole - Me too! I totally agree. Polish can make you feel great!

  6. Kitty that is such a lovely story. I really took on board what you said about glitter making you feel better and you are so right. I'm wearing OPI's Ink today and feel a gazillion times better than when I was wearing grey. So thankyou!

    Oh, and you know I love this brown on you!


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