Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carolyn New York Polish, Amber Street Lights

Okay this is my fav polish of the lot! A gorgeous copper/amber shade this glows like you wouldn't believe and it's not loaded with glitter so It's very smooth and original! This is 3 coats, no top, no base.

Okay so I showed you the polishes I have. Now I rant! In a good way he he gotcha! I love this polish! The formula is the best I have ever tried. Application was perfect every time, no pulling, pooling or bubbles! The bottles are designed to be user friendly. Rubber caps, flat brushes and easy to store square bottles. While swatching I noticed you don't even need to give the coats time to dry before adding the next. My only complaint about this brand is the lack of colors. They do have some more I really want (blues and greys) But I would really love it if they came out with some glitters and duochromes!

Hope you enjoyed this series next we have Barielle but first I need to finish swatching them so I will show you some random swatches I have. Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!

With flash .......


  1. Hi Kitty, thanks for the info. It's a shame that they don't have some new colors. Glitter and duochromes would be great. They also need some greens! Love Amber Lights, I might order it some time. If they have any sale I would order. Otherwise I have nearly everything I like from them.

  2. thanks fro the link kitty, for now the site doesn't seem to be working but when it does I sure hope they will ship abroad ^_^

    amber light is an amazing color, it looks great on your pics :)

  3. I share your love of coppers and that is a beauty! I'd heard that the went out of business recently and their phone had been disconnected, which if true, is a shame because they make beautiful polishes :/

  4. I like how vibrant this one is.

  5. Wow! That is gorgeous! I see why you like this polish so much. It looks perfect,and I love this kind of shade.

  6. This is so much alike my China Glaze Cross Iron 360, love it!

  7. Lucy - Sounds like we might not get any of these again. I plan to keep looking tho.

    Chocoaddict - I hope the link works eventually???? Sounds like they might not be in buisness anymore.

    Mary - That is sooo sad! I wonder if there is some one out there with all that extra polish? maybe they could sell it?????

    Clockwork - Me too! one of my favs!

    Velvet - it is a great polish!

    Alexlyndra - I don't have that one! Have you swatched it yet? I will look and see.

  8. Oooh Kitty thatis a gorgeous orange. I hope for your sake they are still in business and you can get hold of some others.


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