Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nfu Oh, #51

Today I'm showing you Nfu Oh #51. I love this polish and everyone has probably seen it a thousand times, but not from me yet, so it's fair game lol. I took these pics awhile ago and they aren't my best but you can see the flakies well in the bottle pick I think next time I use this I will do a base color so I don't have to use so many coats, this was 4 coats, no base, no top.

On a side note Seattle is in the mist of a small heat wave. It's 12:45am and still like 70 degrees outside, my bedroom is at least 80 lol! I am so hot! I haven't even painted my nails! It's suppose to be this hot all week so I won't be reading or post until late at night because during the day It's like a 100 inside. I really need to buy a fan! Hope everyone is having a good start to thier week!