Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carolyn New York Polish, Mulberry Street

Today I'm starting my Carolyn New York Series. This is Mulberry Street, a Very pretty Chocolate brown cream. This had PERFECT application and is super glossy! This is 3 coats no top, no base.


  1. looks like liquid chocolate :-)

  2. It does look like liquid chocolate! Like those chocolate fondue fountains! Do you find those to be 'extra' shiny? They look like it :)

  3. This is beautiful on you. They are really shiny. Have you been dipping into the chocolate fountain?

  4. Inbal - Oh I wish it was lol!

    Mary - They a super super shiny!

    Lucy - I wish .......yummy!!!!

  5. Helen - I thought you might like this one but I wasn't sure .....It's not sparkly or anything lol.


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