Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FOTD's These are my latest looks......(no polish)

I haven't done one of these in awhile and thought it would be fun to do. This first look is a green eye dedicated to the lovely Lucy! This is the makeup I wore to The Bite (of Seattle). I have more pics of this with the kids too but I'm gonna post that later on.

This one is before mascara and is a little out of focus but I think it shows the colors well

Here we have an all purple eye. Everyone says brown eyed girls should wear purple but I have to be careful about the tones I use, most of them look awful on me. Maybe that's because my eye's are light and ......different? But this turned out okay. Sorry no cool pics in the sun for this one. I did this at night. (the first pic shows the color accurately, the other two just give an idea of the over all look).

This is my 4th of July look. I wanted something festive yet light. I had a terrible stomach ache for many days stating on the fourth and wound up just staying home. But I was hoping I would feel better, so I did my makeup just in case. lol!

I was taking this pic and felt something crawling up my arm. I looked over and saw an ant! This is me in my total Zen! I knew the camera was gonna go off and I just smiled lol! I think this turned out nice and peaceful!
Here we have a fun look. I was playing around with my makeup the other night (I couldn't sleep) and decided to try a fun color combo. I even did my lips! Again no sun pics, just me in the bathroom.

This is the point at which I turned into a zombie! But I think it shows the eyes well. (I was smiling on the inside!)