Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victoria Nail Supply Haul (mini)

Today I wanted to show you a quick post about what I got in the mail today! This is my haul from Victoria Nail Supply. Here is a link, If you want HTF polish check here! http://victoriasnailsupply.com/ Plus, of coarse you can get all the new and main line stuff too. They have great prices! Plus Mary has A deal you can use on her blog for some free stuff! Get it here http://bodyandsoul-mary.blogspot.com/ I made my order super late and forgot to use this. Dang! Anyways I'm super super happy! Check out what I got!

Emerald Sparkle , Crystal Ball......
The last 3 polishes I needed to make my Kaleidoscope Collection complete!
And those pretty Color Club glittas!

And Paper Chasing and Orange Marmalade!

Plus I got Free music cards, sorry I forgot to upload the pics of those.