Monday, August 17, 2009

Color Club Polish, Art of Seduction

How pretty is this!!!!!? I wore this during my "I'm gonna wear nothing but glitters' so my nails will stop breaking!" phase.....which technically I'm still kinda in. Anyhoo this is AMAZING glitter polish! This had great wear perfect for like 4 days and the only reason I took it off was to change the color 4 days is about my limit! This is 2 or 3 coats, no base, 2 coats of SV, it didn't need 2 but I was going for extra Glam!

I also played around with my new primer tarte's lifted, and I have to say that I LOVE IT! I hope to do a quick review of it some time soon with makeup pic's. Hope everyone is having a good Monday!


  1. Hi Kitty! This is such a gorgeous glitter. Looks beautiful on your so much longer nails!! I had to quick check and see if I have this and I do. Hooray for glitter!

  2. Whoa! I didn't order this with my other Color Club glitters - now I'm wishing I did!

  3. Ooooh so pretty! How does it compare to Ruby Pumps?

    Isnt it strange - I find glitters are the worst for breaking my nails. I think it's the aggressive way I try and remove them. I've been wearing the same polish for four days now and going to get another two days out of it as my breaks are so bad - argh!

  4. WOW! This makes me think of millions of crushed cherry-flavored lollipops!

  5. Oh wow. That is amazing! I'm SO putting this on my next online order. It's SO FREAKING COOL! Your photographs are really cool too :)

  6. I totally LOVE this red glitter polish!

  7. Very gorgeous red glitter. Looks great on your "longer" nails. So pretty!

  8. amazing red glitter! love it! the first photo is stunning.

  9. I have to agree with Inbal - that first photo convinced me that *I need this polish!* - absolutely a stunner!

  10. Lucy - You should paint your nails with this!

    Nixxy - That's funny because I almost didn't either but I love red glitters, for some reason and decided at the last minute that I needed it.

    Helen - This has way more glitter than ruby pumps and is in a clear base, although theres so much glitter you can really tell it's clear. So the are similar but not the same. That sucks hope you can change it soon!!!!

    Angie - lol that's perfect!

    Nicole - thanks! You'll love this one!

    Alexlyndra - It's sooooo easy to love lol!

    Velvet - Thanks I just wish they would stay the same size!

    Inbal - Thanks I got lucky with that one!

    Nivipa - Thanks! You will be very happy with this one!


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