Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FOTD's, no polish....

Hello everyone! I've missed my bloggin! My girlfriend called me Monday and needed me to go out to her place and babysit here two boys, so I've been away until now. She needs me to go out again tomorrow night and I won't be back again until Friday night. My kids come back Sunday night (Yeah!) so I've got tons of projects around the house I need to try and get finished. But I wanted to do a quickie post. This is a few of the looks I've done lately. These were done before I got my new lid primer.....Those pics will have to wait until I'm less busy.

First up is a look I did with really dark colors as my base, this is more green in person.

Here is a red, black and silver look. This was really fun and cool, but I couldn't get any good pics at night. So this is the only one I have to show.

Here is a bright look I did. this one was inspired by the new Sephora catalog. This was much more vibrant in person.

And here is a more simple look created with greys and light pink.

I hope to get caught up later tonight on my comments and reading of every ones blogs. Hope I didn't miss to much!


  1. Kitty these photos are amazing. You look so gorgeous - I love the top one, very sultry! The green look is brilliant - I am really into green eyeshadow at the moment.

  2. You're cute. You're pretty. You're very talented! They're all beautiful, but I love the last one, a natural beauty :)

  3. I love how you do your make up, you're so good! all the looks are great, but the first really made me say WOW... :-)

  4. Oh Kitty! Your such a beautiful woman! I love,love, the eye make-up. Have a great time visiting your girlfriend. I'm glad to hear the kids will be back soon...Yay!

  5. Helen - Thanks the dark base thing is new for me. I love greens too!

    Mary - Thank you! Yeah I wear the mellow looks alot more than anything else, they are so much easier lol!

    Inbal - Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it!

    Velvet - Thank you!!!!!, I will, I'm soooo glad too! They have sent me a post card everyday!

  6. Hey gorgeous have a good time when your babies come home. I know your missing them like crazy. That's nice that you can babysit for your girlfriend. Love all the looks you came up with. My favorite is the green. You look gorgeous in all the photos. I love how each photo is a different expression. Your first photo is a very sexy look.


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