Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Color Club Polish, Lazer Pink

Today I have a fun one that I totally loved! This is a neon pink that is almost pastel-neon in color. This is 2 coats. I smudged this right a way and thought I would try layering this with Pure Ice's Spit Fire. Which was so fun and pretty I wore it for days!

In person this has tons of rainbow sparkle!

Sorry for my absence. I kinda get alittle depressed when the kids are gone for long periods of time. So I've been reading a book locked in my room. And of course trying to focus on some house hold chores and reorganization. The weather here has turned Horrible! But today had a nice window of descent weather so I ventured out for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Of course none of my stores have gotten the new Wet n Wild polishes in still, but I will keep looking!
I did manage to pick up some more batteries for my camera and have tried the Revlon nails I was sent and I hope to get up pics of them in the next couple of days. Hope everyone is doing well! (I'm adjusting and feeling much better :)


  1. Are the kids with their Dad? Sorry your feeling down. When they come home give them some extra love! The Color Club is really a pretty pink. I love it on you. I have to buy this one. I love the glitter you added. The weather here is horrible also. Rain and thunder. I think it will be like that all week.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! That's a perfect pink, I really like it. And of course I love Pure Ice polishes :) I found the WnW the other day, finally. They were out of 1 color though, so I still have to locate the missing one.

  3. I JUST used spit fire last night, lol! I just painted one nail though to show mom how awesome that polish is! I love that polish - it's pink and glitter, what's not to love right?

  4. I'm glad your feeling better. I remember that you had mentioned, the kids were going on a trip. It certainly must be quiet around the house! My kids stayed at their aunt and uncles around the 4th of July. For about a week. The first day was fine, but it got lonely without them real! I do appericate my childrens! I wish for your children to return home safe and sound. I know you miss them very much! This is a very pretty color. And I have two bottles of Spit! That's how much I love that glitter! I like to layer Spit Fire over Opi's Crepes Suzi-ette. I know! Weird it's my favorite polish to layer it over.

  5. Lucy - Oh I will love them till they hate me for it lol! (hey it's tradition lol!) I think the weather here is supose to get better this weekend but only alittle.

    Mary - Lucky dog! I hope you do! It is a fun pink I just love it and pure ice is awesome! So glad I finally got some!

    Broke - you are so right! Love it! I hope she wore it!

    Velvet- Thanks you so much! They have been gone a week tomorrow and won't return until the 23rd. It is very quiet here. You should do a post so I can see that! I don't have that OPI, I bet it's interesting!

  6. Kitty, that color is too cool! I've been hoping I would see some more Color Club swatches of colors I've never seen before, this is definitely going on my list. It looks really cute with that Pure Ice, I don't believe my Walmart has that one.
    I'm sorry you were feeling down, I remember you saying the kids were going to be gone for a bit. I hope you're feeling a bit better. It's been overcast here for the last two days, raining on and off. I hope it goes away soon, I have a bunch more colors I want to get swatched, and they need to see sunlight!

  7. I know just how those noisome blues can drive a person into cavern-like hiding. I'm glad you've healed enough to venture out again!

  8. Ooh that's really pretty. Glad you're back - missed you. Hope you're doing ok xxx

  9. I love that pink it's so bright. Hope you are well!

  10. Yay #1 - Pink!
    Yay #2 - Glitter!
    Yay #3 - Pink with glitter!

  11. Love Spit Fire. One of the best glitter polishes ever!

  12. Nicole - Thanks! I'm feeling alot better. The sun finally came back today! I love Color Club I will try to post more of what I have.

    Nivipa - That's so true!

    Helen - Thanks, I'm back again lol!

    Clockwork - Thanks! This is a good one.

    Alexlyndra - lol! Yes!

    Flinty - I totally agree!


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