Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recent FOTD's and some Halloween polish, lots of pics!

Hey everyone. Oh it's been forever! I haven't even done my nails in 2 weeks! So I'm gonna try and find time for that tomorrow..... I hope! I've been super busy and hopefully I will start volunteering for my kids school everyday, starting next week. I hope to find a time slot to read blogs in everyday so I won't keep missing out! Today I just have some makeup looks I've tried lately the first one is a Halloween idea I had I need to practice some, but I like the idea. Let me know what you think!

This is a very dramatic red, pink and white look.

I even did my lips to match! (I only wear lip stuff for pics)
This is a fun light look, I used one cream shadow I applied with my finger and mascara. A little gloss and I'm ready to go! Check out the straight hair....(I want a GHD SOOOOO BAD!!!!)

Two tone look using Jesse's girl.....
Silvers always work for me in the fall!

Dramatic dark blue look.....
remember me?.....
Sorry for the plurry pic! This was my go to look for most of high school, I even used the same products!
Dramatic blue eyes (day look)

Yellow, pink and orange look no mascara.
Another light and easy, cream and finger melody.
I love the super easy eyes!
A little purple.....
An easy green look.....

That's it for today. Let me know what was your Fav!


  1. Ooh, that was fun! The Halloween look is really good, very creative! Love the shading!
    My faves other than that are: the first light look - the gloss is gorgeous, and your hair is so pretty, it's simple but beautiful :) The silver look, both blue looks, the orange and yellow, and the green - and I LOVE the glitter liner look :)

  2. Hey Miss Sexy Thing! That picture of you with your hair loose and your go to colors, very sexy looking. Everytime I see your picture looking out at me I smile. I don't know what it is, but you just make me smile. Funny but your easiest look with the straightened hair is the prettiest. Love your Halloween look. Your so creative!

  3. Nicole - thanks! I like the look of gloss but anything I put on my lips dissapears! Or gets everywear!

    Lucy- Thanks Lucy! You m ake me smile everytime I see you left me a comment! I think I will wear that more often Seems you and Nicole both like it! I'm thinking of try a white and purple flower next IDK?

  4. Great looks! The Halloween one is really cool. Can't wait to see what else you do with it.
    You are so pretty and you rock these looks, sis!

  5. Mighty Lambchop - Thank YOU!!!! I can't wait to try more looks too! It was a lot of fun!

  6. Wowser - you are one talented lady. I'm happy if I can apply eyeliner without poking myself in the eye, I can only dream of being able to apply makeup as well as you!

  7. Wow! I think the Halloween was my favorite. But then I also loved the other looks too. Kitty you really are a beautiful woman. Not just on the outside but the inside too. Okay...I'm done being sappy! I wish I could apply my eye make up, as well as you! You are so talented,seriously!

  8. Selina- Thank you!!!! Alot of what I do is super easy stuff I use my fingers alot lol!

    Velvet - Thank you!!!! You made my day! You are so sweet!!!

  9. I really love your makeup photos! my fav is the dramatic blue - day look. it's glittery and dramatic but delicate as well and compliments you so much.
    I loved the artistic make up of the flower. using your lips as a leaf is a great idea and it came out wonderful!

  10. That flower look is amazing! You definately shine on every pic but to me the green glitter, the silver one and the first flower pic are most enchanting looks. Beautiful.

  11. wow - I just realized how much you look like Lindsay Lohan! Do you get that very often??

    You do makeup so great - jealous here!!!

  12. Brooke - I get that all the time actually especially if I use a flat iron! Thanks! I love to play with make-up!


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