Friday, September 25, 2009

Color Club Polish, Sexy Siren

Hey everyone Happy Friday!!!! I broke 2 more nails! I'm so sad! Anyway I'm still workin hard at home but might get a chance to relax Sunday and just read me some blogs!!!!

Today I have for you another one of those great Color Club glitters. This is an awesome Aqua colored glitter, great coverage, easy application and a definite go to polish if your try to make your nails thicker! (I do this for strength) This was 2 coats polish, 2 coats SV top coat.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. wow... it's gorgeous! I just love this glitter so much. sorry for your broken nails - glitters are like a shield for nails, so maybe it will help.

  2. That is a stunning polish! Glitter is great at covering up borken nails, I didn't even notice until you mentioned it!

  3. What a shame about your nails. Too much work. I hope your getting some help with the cleaning and not doing it all! There's many people living at your house now so ask for help. The polish is beautiful on you. I love Color Club glitters. Have a nice weekend sweetie. ((hugs))

  4. So sorry about the nails - booo.

    That glitter looks beautiful though :)


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