Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection Review

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today I have a post I've been meaning to do forever! This is Revlon's Runway collection Falsie's. These are super easy! They are much nicer than the one's I got from Icing. These retail for $7.99 and I saw them at Rite Aid I know they have them online through Revlon and other drugstores as well. Most of these nails fit me well I only needed to file the sides of the nails for my pinkies. The one's I tried are Studio in medium length which was perfect for me. These soaked of super easy and fast using 100% acetone (which is what I always use anyways)

As you can see from these pics, I did have air bubbles but with a little practice I think I could do better, I'm still very new at this.

Side view to show curve of the nails.......
I love me some color! So you know I had to add it! Revlon has some awesome sheers and glimmer gloss polishes that work great with these (and layering.)
This is Revlon's Color Beam Sheer polish in Night Light #830 Outdoor pic's

Same polish, pic's taken indoors ...........

Here we have the 7 different designs I was given for review. Enlarge pics to see details...
Studio & Mystic.........

Starlet & Sateen......
Stella, Sequins & Minx
My Sis took a road trip to Vegas Awhile back and wore Sequins. She added some nail art stickers she already had and don't they look great together!

I think these nails are great for special occasions or just when you want long, more uniform nails. I love that these are so accommodating to personal style, I think of these as a plank slate that I can create my own special look on.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Great post and I love that you layered the polish over them! It looks great.

  2. So nice to see something different done with these - I love that purple shade :)

    The ones you used are my favourite of the six too. I haven't reviewed mine yet (getting it sorted at the mo).

  3. I love how you put polish on them! So cute!!!

  4. Laquer Laine - Thanks! I had a hard time deciding what polish to use!

    Helen - thanks! They make them long enough? Can't wait to see what you do with them!

    Gildedangle - Thanks! next time I'm gonna try the Glimmer Gloss :)

  5. I didn't think you could paint these. How pretty they look on you. I think these Revlon nails are amazing. I've never worn any of these nails. If I need to I will get Revlon. They have some nice nails. I also love the French manicure designs. What happened to your eye picture? Are you trying to confuse me!? I love your sister nails. They are really pretty with the sticker on them.

  6. They look really nice with the sheer! Great idea!

  7. Lucy- Oh you can paint anything! lol! I took down the eye picture because I felt it took up to much room. I can't figure how to make it smaller! I love the sticker Idea too!

    Krisprims - Thanks! I love to change things lol!

  8. Those are really cute but I love the color over them. That amped it up considerably! Your sister's nails are too cute.

  9. Mighty Lambchop - I thought the same thing! Love it1

  10. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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