Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween FOTD, a Mask this time!

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to do more playin' with Halloween faces but the Season has been way to busy! My kids are still not feeling well! And I have no idea what I'll be for Halloween! But I wanted to try a mask look before Sat.
Please not that I got the Feathering idea from She did a great Halloween look with these! I didn't use the same products, but I did get the idea from her.

So here's my attempt.......

This pic doesn't have the best lighting but it shows the color well (a lot of my pics came out really dark!)......

Here you can see the middle color that is in real life is a great plurple color (not blue like it appears in pictures!)

For this look I used the following products:

Hot Topic Lip/Eye Crayon Black -(smudged all over/below lid as base)

Hot Topic Eye Palette in Green, I used the darkest green -(This is the green I used for the outer corners of the eye above and below)

Studio Gear Eyeshadow in Freesia (satin) -(I used this for the middle eye above/below This is an amazing purple with just a hint of blue in it)

Nars Rated R Eyeshadow Duo, I used the blue one -(Use this on the inner eye above and below and across the bridge of the nose.

Wet n Wild black liner for the waterline above/below, and to make the feathering.

Too Faced Kitty Glitter in Pussie Galore - (I dusted this all over the feathering and then Spread outward to cover the rest of the face lightly) This is hard to see in pics, but looks great in person.

NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Hot Candy -(I used this to layer the glitter on the feathering. This is Pink)

Too Faced Liquid Glitter Liner in Drunk Dial (sorry the print on this is rubbed off so I don't know the official name of this product. Let me know it you no what it's called.) - I used this for layering over the feathering as well.

Wet n Wild lipstick in Blue Magic - This is the only "Halloween" makeup I used.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Mascara in Absolute Black - This is my FAV Mascara! This is LE So if you love a good mascara go get this one! I only need one coat of this stuff! (I tried layering glitter and shadows and colored mascara on to give this more sparkle but nothing worked to well and I tried so much I can't name them all)

Okay that took forever! That was the first time I named all the products I used.....I need a nap now - JK

So what do you think Mask or the Flower?