Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nars, Orgasm

Here is a proper review of Orgasm. I do love this color, It looks amazing in the summer with a nice tan! As for formula sometimes this is perfect sometimes it gets really thick. I think it might be high temps that turns this polish thick? not sure? But for me it's worth the extra work. This for me is a summer polish only, without sun and a nice tan this looks super washed out!

My daughters are still sick! My son is going to school today. Wish him luck!!!


  1. I have this polish. I haven't worn it yet. It's so lovely on you. Your poor daughters. I'm so sorry their sick. Hope they'll feel better soon. Good luck to your son and hope he has a wonderful school year.

  2. This is great polish! I hope that your daughters feel better soon!

  3. This looks so much better on you than on me!

  4. Lucy - You have to try it! But waiting for sunshine is a good idea too.

    Gildedangle - too!!!!

    Krisprimps - It's one of those polishes, Have you tried it in the summer? or as a pedi?


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