Monday, October 19, 2009

Nailene Product Review!

Hello everyone. Today I have a product review to share with you. I was contacted awhile back by nailene and I jumped at the opportunity to give their products a try! Here are some pics of available products and my full review......

Here we have nailene Couture in Starry Sky. I love this look! For my ring finger I used The White French Tip Pen (pictured) And a nail pen for the glitter blue line.
Here I used, nailene So Real, Light-As-Air nails. This look was so cute and fun I used the pen on my ring finger and nailene Bedazzle Super Star Nail Art stickers on all my nails alternating with flowers and stars.
Here are pics of everything I got. See the cute bag everything came in!!

All in all, I give nailene an A+, If you remember I broke all my nails off cleaning the house. For the last two weeks I've been wearing nailene nails. They have held up extremely well. These are perfect for when you don't have time but still need to look nice. Oh I also want to mention that for both looks I used the Tip guides for my ring finger and I love how easy they are! These are my favorite falsie's so far, I plan to go shopping for more soon!

A big huge thank you to everyone and their Patients with me. I've been so busy and my BFF needs me so much lately I just don't have the time to blog. I hope to get a post done every couple of days. Have a great night and a good morning!!!


  1. Very nice! How fun to get goodies to try out! Hope it brightened your day.

  2. Good review. I use that brand. i like it.

  3. I know those products. I like them too.

  4. Love those nails on you. Very pretty with the blue Frenchie's! I hope your nails grow out again with that new polish. Missed hearing from you. How's your girlfriend doing? I feel so bad for her. What a horrible thing to be going through. Your a wonderful friend to have.

  5. Gildedangle - They are super cool!

    Mighty Lambchop - Oh it was so cool to get this set!

    Revampy - Thanks! I like them too.

    Claire's Blog- I'm so glad that others have tried this brand and like it too!

    Lucy - Me too! I need it, I haven't had the time to take care of myself lately at all, especially my nails! I missed you too! She's a mess, but I think with time she'll get better. Your a great friend too!


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