Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nars Orgasm vs. Wild and Crazy Baffin Bay

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. Today I have a comparison from awhile ago. Sorry but all my pics/post are gonna be of things I swatched this summer and didn't get a chance to post. At least until life slows down a bit.

So today I have a fun comparison to share, This is Nars Orgasm on the pointer and middle fingers and Wild and Crazy Baffin Bay on my ring and pinkie fingers. I know this isn't a dup, but when I got out my BB and started painting my nails I thought it looked very similar to my O. So I pulled them out and did a side by side. BB is darker and less cloudy than O But the shimmer effect in these polishes is the exact same. Personally I think I like my BB better. O is a great color but it works better with a tan or on darker skin. Pale skin tends to washout the color of this polish leaving it plain and luster free. BB Works great with paler skin since the base color is a darker peach. Both are great colors!
Please ignore my cuticles!

I love that Glow!
Bottle side by side........

That's all for today hope you have a good one!!!!!!!!


  1. It may not be a dupe, but it's pretty close! Close enough for me. This is a polish by Nars that I'll probably never buy, I am just not into peach polishes, like, at all. Hahaha. I don't think I own a single one!

  2. Both are really, really pretty but I'm loving Baffin Bay. Thanks for this!

  3. Those are both nice colors, but they are defintely not dupes of one another!

  4. Nicole - I know what you mean peach is a hard color to fit. But I have a few.

    Mighty Lambchop - me too!

    Gildedangle - Not at all, they are both worth having.

  5. I bought this shade. I don't own the blush so I got the polish. Since the sale is on at Sephora I might get the blush. The two colors do look pretty much alike. Nice comparison. This looks really pretty on you.

  6. Lucy - I want the blush too! and I never use blush lol! Thanks!

  7. I think Wild & Crazy "Flying Kite" It's closer.. I don't own the NARS one but i have "Baffin Bay" and looks pretty close to your pictures!

  8. I wish I had Flying kite too!!


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