Monday, October 26, 2009

Nars, Edelweiss

I've never been very good at applying white polish, and this was no exception. This took 4 coats, no base, no top. I actually liked this white jelly polish. Which really surprised me because I'm not a big fan of whites and nude/light polishes. Other than the extra drying time this polish was easy to work with (for a white lol!)

On a side note all three of my little angles are home sick today. I hope that they will recover quickly! Or at least before I get sick too!!


  1. Hi there! I know what you mean about whites,but this does look nice on you. I hope the kids get well soon,and that you don't get sick either!

  2. Oh, but this is pretty, and I love the name! Hope your kids feel better soon :) Poor babies!

  3. Velvet - Hey u! Thanks, Me too.

    Nicole - I agree it is nicer than the other whites I have. Thanks, I think my son is going to stay home again tomorrow.

  4. Oh poor babies. Hope they feel much better. That's a pretty shade of white. Better than the whiteout look.

  5. Oh I feel the same as you about whites and nudes, but lately I feel it's nice to have them once in a while, and this one is very nice :-)

    Hope your kids will feel better soon !

  6. I agree with your opinion about whites and nudes, they're elegant but sometimes a bit boring too.

    I hope your littles ones get better soo ;)

  7. Lucy - They feel alittle better now. I agree.

    Tuli - I agree they are nice sometimes. Thanks I hope so to!

    Chocaddict- Very boring, Thanks!


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