Monday, February 15, 2010

Color Club Polish, Alabaster

Hello, I hope every one's Valentines Day was wonderful! I took a few days off to rest and enjoy the Holiday. Now me and the kids have the week off! Happy Dance!!!!

This is Color Club's Alabaster, from the Dark Romance, Matte Collection of mini's. I won this little collection's from Mary over at Body and Soul. I was so excited to get this collection. But I'm sad to report that in this collection, only one of these polishes turned out to be matte. The white I'm showing you here is not at all matte. This turned out to be a very hard to work with white creme, with a shinny finish. This is 2 thick gloppy coats.


  1. Ooo, that is a great white!

  2. Bummer that it wasn't really matte, but I think whites look better shiny anyway. I love the way white polishes look on nails, and that one looks really nice.

  3. Yeah, not really sure if I like the idea of a matte white myself, except maybe for folks who Konad? But why label a collection matte if it's not? That's weird.
    I HATE fighting gloopy whites!

  4. Gildedangle - Thanks

    Stephanie - Thanks I wish it worked better!

    Evil Angle - I think you got a better bottle then me! lol

    Nicole - I think I got a bump batch cuz the matte top coat was glossy too.

  5. I love white manis, it's a shame it was hard to work because it looks really good!

    I have a blog sale at my blog come take a look if you like :)

  6. I'm not crazy about matte whites because they look like white-out. This looks nicer.


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