Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jade polish, French Connections

Hey Everyone! Hope your day is good so far. Today I'm super excited! My kids have a performance this evening and it is the only time all three of them will do it together, and my youngest first time on stage!!!!

Anywho this is Jade's French Connections a sheer nude polish in jelly form. This is obviously more for a french manicure base, but I tried it alone as it looked interesting. After 4 thin coats I still have VNL But I really liked the clean supper glossy look it gave my nails. This is more Opaque in person. It appears as though my nails are bare but in person it is darker than you see here.


  1. It's got that "mannequin hands" quality! It would be great for a french, that's for sure. Very shiny.

  2. I know you'll have fun watching the kids tonight. That's a nice nude polish. It looks like a good one to wear,when a person isn't up for any color. Or maybe for that formal occasion. I'm starting to appreciate nudes and sheer polishes. I think it has to do with wanting winter to end. I'm so ready for flowers,and buds on trees. These nude polishes make me think of light,and airy spring days.

  3. From all the Jade polishes you've posted, this one is my fav. There's a little coffee milk thing about it that make it special. Lovely glossiness too. :)

    What are your children going to act tonight? :)

  4. Ooo, that is a lovely color!

  5. Hi sweetie! I haven't been around much. Hooked on Facebook games. Now the Olympics are starting and I'll be glued to the TV. Hope you and the kids have a wonderful time at the preformance. What will they be doing on stage?
    Pretty nude shade on you. I don't like sheers but I do like the nude shades once in awhile. Especially when I chop off all my nails! Makes your fingers look longer instead of short and squatty.

  6. Hey everyone! Sorry this took forever! The kids did a dance performance it was awesome! We walked to our chocolati and had coco and treats after. It was so much fun! I agree with Jellynat this is a coffee with milk kinda color. And a huge welcome back too Lucy! I'm glad your okay I was starting to worry!


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