Friday, February 19, 2010

Maybelline Express Finish, Opal Rush, layered

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! It truly is a beautiful day here in Seattle! Blue sky's, sunshine and no school! We have friends coming to play today so I have to be quick. Also I wanted to mention that my computer is not working well at all and every time I try to do anything I get a warning that the security Certificate is expired and tons of content is being blocked and I can't leave comments for some reason. Even my email is messed up! Anyways until I can't get this straightened out (hopefully today!) I can't leave comments. ARGH! I'm still reading as much as I can though.

This is the reason I love Matte white polish! Matte polish dries super fast and is an awesome base coat for neon's and sheers! I have always loved the shimmery goodness found in alot of my sheer polishes but want to get them opaque with no VNL, until now that was a huge pain! But if you start with a matte white base and layer your sheer over it you get a wonderful Mani! I luv how this turned out and will be doing this alot in the future. It saved so much time! This is 3 coats Opal Rush over OPI Alpine Snow - Matte. This first pic is blurred a little please remember to click on anything you want to see BIGGER hehe! This had a wonderful creamy-buttery color.


  1. I wanna try that. thank you for this post

  2. That is an interesting color! I love it on you but I have a feeling that color would wash me out lol!

  3. I got a ton of Maybellines at the DT recently that would only be good for layering! I'll definitely try it over a matte white, thanks for the tip girly.
    That would explain why you left me three comments this morning! I hope you get things worked out soon, that's a pain.

  4. I've been thinking about getting Alpine Snow Matte for just that reason! I love that Maybelline. I'm so jealous of all you girls who have like the best Dollar Trees ever. Mine sucks. Hope you had a good Friday!

  5. Thanks for the great hint. I should write down all the hints I get from all the blogs. I have a terrible memory! That a great idea to layer a sheer over a matte. I think I have a white matte, if not I could just yse a matte topcoat.


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