Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybelline New York Spring 2010 Sweetthing candy-colored nails.

Hey Everyone, I had a super busy, but fun day! I meant to post something else today but never got around to it. Me and the kids went on an unplanned walk around the neighborhood today and I got to see the new Maybelline Spring 2010 collection! I had to get out my cell and take some pics for you guys! This Collection had to different displays with 8 polishes in total. I found these at Bartell's and again at Fred Meyer's where they are cheaper. If you want these and live by a Fred Meyers Go NOW! They have them buy one get one 50% off, plus the display has $1 off coupons!! also worth mention, they have Sinful's on the same sale (minus the coupons). They also have last chance deals on Wet n Wild & Rimmel Polishes!

Below is the main nail polish collection with the first six polishes including 3 pinks, an orange, a lavender and a blue.

Here we have the other display containing the makeup and two additional polishes in mint and peach! of coarse both displays only had 2 of each color!

These are the polishes I picked up.....

First row is: Minty & Sweetie Pie
Second row is: Pie in the Sky, Goody Plum Drop & Sweet Clementine
Third row is: Plum Intense, Denim Dash & Onxy Rush (I totally forgot to take a display pic of theses I was so excited! I don't know how new they are either, but I hadn't seen them before)


  1. Thanks so much for posting these. I've heard about them on MUA, but haven't seen any of them. Can't wait to see swatches! Be sure to say what's your favorite, and how warm/cool they are. I love hearing that from bloggers!

  2. OMG that blue polish looks gorgeous on the model holding the disgusting-looking cake!

  3. I got three of these yesterday too! Though I could only find the one display. If I had found both I would have grabbed the peach for sure. I got Sweet Clementine, Goody Gum Drop and Pie in the Sky. Pretty excited!

  4. I have been looking for these! I haven't seen them in my drugstores yet though. We don't have Fred Meyers, darn it! ;) You did really good to snag all of them - did you get some of those MAC shadestick dupes too, since I know you love makeup?

  5. Jessica - My pleasure! I will get them up as soon as I can!

    Jaljen - I hope it is just as pretty when I put it on!

    Stephanie - I like your taste!!!! great minds and all!

    Nicole - What!?! Dupes for MAC!!! I had no idea! I think I will try and go back tonight after my kids go to their dads lol!!!

    gildedangle - Thanks! I feel the same!!

  6. I went and got the blue and the lavendar ones at Walgreens here in Phoenix, Arizona. Looked like a brand new display with all the bottles present. I'm wearing the Pie in the Sky (light blue) now - 2 coats. They had the display with the 6 colors not 8 as you found. I kind of wished they had the display with the green and peach as I would have bought those too. I think I will wear Pie in the Sky a lot because it's a nice color on me and it's not as wild as some of (ok most of) my other nail polish colors, so it'll be good to wear when I know I'll be around conservative people. And still I'll be happy because it's a flattering blue.

  7. These look like such a pretty collection. How are the Maybelline polishes on wear? I have worn any yet. I do own a few that I picked up at a Dollar Tree.


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