Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybelline New York Spring 2010 Sweetthing candy-colored nails.

Hey Everyone, I had a super busy, but fun day! I meant to post something else today but never got around to it. Me and the kids went on an unplanned walk around the neighborhood today and I got to see the new Maybelline Spring 2010 collection! I had to get out my cell and take some pics for you guys! This Collection had to different displays with 8 polishes in total. I found these at Bartell's and again at Fred Meyer's where they are cheaper. If you want these and live by a Fred Meyers Go NOW! They have them buy one get one 50% off, plus the display has $1 off coupons!! also worth mention, they have Sinful's on the same sale (minus the coupons). They also have last chance deals on Wet n Wild & Rimmel Polishes!

Below is the main nail polish collection with the first six polishes including 3 pinks, an orange, a lavender and a blue.

Here we have the other display containing the makeup and two additional polishes in mint and peach! of coarse both displays only had 2 of each color!

These are the polishes I picked up.....

First row is: Minty & Sweetie Pie
Second row is: Pie in the Sky, Goody Plum Drop & Sweet Clementine
Third row is: Plum Intense, Denim Dash & Onxy Rush (I totally forgot to take a display pic of theses I was so excited! I don't know how new they are either, but I hadn't seen them before)