Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybelline's Sweetie Pie, Sweetthing Spring 2010 nail polish collection

Hey everyone! Just wanted to add a quick note here. For those of you who are new to my blog or at least haven't seen me post more than once a day. I though I would explain these next few post. You see back when I started my blog. I decided that I wanted my polishes separated by color, under my labels and I also didn't want any mixed up. So for example, if you clicked on "green" under my labels you should only see green polishes. This is a huge pain in the butt! But worth the extra in my book. Any ways that's why I'm about to post my Sweetthing polishes in separate post instead of one big one.

This is my Fav of the bunch this is the peach of the collection. This looked pink one minute and peach the next. I luved how clean yet colorful this looked. I think this will be a great polish for summertime. This would look just amazing with a tan, especially as a Pedi! This was 3 coats, no base, no top coat.

Outdoors, shade.........

Indoors, natural light from window......

Direct sunlight...........


  1. This is a pretty shade. I have some Maybellines but haven't used them yet. Love this on you.

  2. thanks Lucy! I like Maybelline alot the colors are always pretty awesome!


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