Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dazzle dry Quick-Dry Nail Polish System ...Review

Hey everyone sorry I've been MIA, time just flies by! Today I have a review for you. I was contacted by the PR department from VB Cosmetics wanting to know if I was interested in a sample to review on my blog!* Hell Yes! I would LUV to give dazzle dry a go! I've been wanting this system forever!

Okay so let me give you some background info on this product. The dazzle dry system is a four step process first a nail prep, then a base coat, nail lacquer and a top coat. Dazzle dry claims it's manicures will dry thoroughly in 5 to 10 minutes. It is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Phthalate (the Big 3) and it is also free of Nitrocellulose, which is the chemical found in polishes that stains your nails yellow. Dazzle dry is the only nail polish system in the world to be free of all 4! They also claim to be the greenest of all nail polish formulas, being both vegan and non-toxic. On top of all of that wonderfulness they also state this system is, durable & chip resistant, self-leveling, nutrient fortified with Vitamin B5, Collagen and Calcium with Advanced Color Stability as both the lacquer and the top coat contain a UV (ultraviolet) screen for color protection.

I was sent tons of media on this product and have taken a ton of pics! Please click to enlarge and read.

So whats my take on this product? I luv it! It's amazingly simple, quick & easy and really does dry as fast as they say! I can't say for sure, but I think this really is the "Greenest" of all nail polish collections. I luv this product and I know my young daughters will too. They hate waiting for polish to dry! I highly recommend this product to all my fellow nail polish junkies. It's really super awesome! I need to get my hands on some more colors!

Here we have Pics of the manicure this polish is called Forever Love. This is a very pretty classic light wine shimmer and was 2 coats. Sorry for the mess, reds & wines hate me! ......

Below: This is the first visible signs of wear on day 3..........Below: Here we have wear on my pointer finger. This is day 4 and I'm not sure if you can tell from the pics but this didn't really chip more like I scrapped it off from repeatedly picking my teeth ..... Sorry, had to share that...........

Here we have the back of the box..........

Front of the box and close up of the set.........Another close up. Notice that the Base coat is cloudy this happens when the base gets cold a little warm water to submerge the bottle in and your good to go (or don't store it in a super cold place, this only happened after it was mailed to my house)

Below we have tons of interesting, fact filled reading material! .......

Here we have some background on Vivian Valenty, PhD President of VB Cosmetics......

For more info or to order visit

*These products were sent to me for free for my review. I was not paid or reimbursed for my opinions. They are my personal opinion based on my own experiences.


  1. Gorgeous shade on you. Interesting kit. I think it's a little expensive.

  2. Hi, Kitty.

    We are so appreciative of your review of Dazzle Dry's nail system and quick-drying lacquers in your blog. Your opinion is indeed valuable to us.
    We'd like to inform you of our latest promotional drive called NAIL IT, a nail art contest that's running from Feb 7 to Feb 22. We're asking Dazzle Dry fans to post their best nail art photos on our Fan Page, for a chance to win a 3-piece Nail System kit and 3 Dazzle Dry lacquers of their choice. We hope you can join us in getting the word around about the contest, either by posting a blast on your blog, Tweeting about it, or by promoting it on your own Facebook fan page.
    Thank you for your time, and have an awesome day.

    Martine De Luna
    Fan Page Manager for Dazzle Dry Quick Drying Nail Polish


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