Friday, December 31, 2010

A quick and dirty comparison, No name Sally Hansen Nail Prisms & Sinful Colors NATB

Hello, Happy New Years Eve/Day!!!! I'm hoping the new year brings some much needed positive energy to me and my family. What are you hoping for? This is a quick comparison of the Sinful polish I showed you yesterday, NATB and that no name Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Polish I have. If you think you might know what color this Prisms is please let me know! Personally I think this is such a close dup that you wouldn't need both. The Prisms polish has a slightly greyer tint to the base. but this is super hard to see. I used 3 coats of each polish. And I think I got slightly better coverage with NATB.

Here we have a couple of bottle pics..... Aren't they pretty?

Here I tried to capture the difference between the real Lapis Amethyst and the mislabeled one. The color difference is much more noticeable in person. The real Lapis Amethyst is on the Left.
A close up. Lapis Amethyst is on the left.
Here we have one coat, pinkie and middle fingers are Night at the Barbados, Ring and index fingers are Lapis Amethyst. All the following pics are in the same order.
Here is a full on sun pic and probably the only one with a visible difference.
Close up....
LA, NATB, LA.......
Purple duochrome effect.........

see how red my skin is ...... it's soooo cold!

So what do you think Are these dups? Does anyone know what this prism is???


  1. Hi Kitty!

    Hope the new year brings lots of good things for you and yours♥

    I had no idea that these sinful colors had such strong duo-chrome polish's in their collection. I saw your previous post of NATB and wondered how it measured up to other duo-chrome and multi-chrome polish's out there.

    how does this look layered? I will have to do some google research on these sinful colours and their sheer but SURPRISE ITS A DUO-CHROME polish's

    Very Pretty - have a nice new years eve.

  2. deez-jewelz - Thank you so much! Same to you!

    NATB is the only duochrome of Sinful's that I will endorse, so far. They don't have to many in their collection but I do plan on trying a couple more and comparing them to similar Prisms. I hope they work out!

    Happy New Years!!!!! :)

  3. I can't really see the difference. Pretty though. I probably do have the Sinful Colors polish. I don't have too many Prisms. Wish I could find more. The years seems to just melt into each other now that I'm older.

  4. Lucy - My years are melting together already! lol! You probably do have the sinful. The Prisms are hit or miss some aren't that great.


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