Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sinful Colors Nail Polish, Night At The Barbados #394

Hello Dear Readers! Hope your all doing well. Today I have a Sinful polish to share with you. This is Night At The Barbados (NATB). I've had this polish for like 2 yrs I think?..and just tried it! Silly Cat! NATB is an awesome "lit from within" polish! Its a cloudy based steel-ish periwinkle, loaded with glowing teal shimmer. This is three thin coats and worth every one! This polish had great drying time, and for $2 it can't be beat. I tried to capture the duochrome of this as best I could.... this post is pic Heavy! please remember to click a picture to enlarge it if you'd like. I recommend the first pic, it really captures this polish nicely. On a side note I do have a Sally Hansen Nail Prism polish that looks (in the bottle) To be a close dup for this, But that polish was mislabeled as Lapis Amethyst, and I've had a couple bottles of LA and I know it's not LA. I will try and swatch my "No Name Prism" soon and see if it's a dup. Have a great day and Thanks for reading!!!!

Outdoors on an overcast day, no flash.....

Indoors natrual light.....Outdoors again...
Indoor/blurry pics.....


  1. That is so pretty. Love Sinful Colors. Wish they'd do more duochromes.

  2. Lucy - Me too! They really are great drugstore polishes.


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