Wednesday, January 5, 2011

love & beauty Nail Polish (Forever21), Pink (74969521011)

Hello dear readers, today I have a love & beauty polish to share with you. This brand is sold at and for Forever 21 or XXI Stores. This polish is simply called pink. I included the serial number on the box because sometimes you can look them up on their website and get a proper name. Sorry I don't have a bottle pic. This was a mini at $1.50, .24 oz or 7 ml. This polish is a bright pink, darker than bubble gum and lighter than a magenta. This polish has chunky multi sized/colored glitter. This was 3 thin coats with a top coat. I didn't care to much for this polish. It lost all it's pretty after I applied it. The color seemed bland and the glitter kind of disappeared. You can see it in my pics, it just looks silver and lacks luster.

Oh well! lol! Have a great day!!!


  1. Looks like a pretty pink. Shame it doesn't last.

  2. Lucy- I just wish it was bottle color. lol!


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