Thursday, June 16, 2011

Naturistics, Isle Be Back Pearl #52

Hello there I just have a quick post to share with you, This is Naturistics's Isle Be Back Pearl. Of course I couldn't get an accurate shot of this polish, my camera and purples get along worse than neons. The last extremly blurry pic shows the color best. I really haven't worn this until yesterday. My son picked this out for me so I decided I would give it a try. I was home sick in bed so I had plenty of time to kill while the kids where at school. I'm feelling much better now!

This polish is uber thin and took four coats to acomplish this uneven mess. But the color is fun and now that I finally have my beloved SV top coat it actually dried. This is an older vintage polish I found at my grocery outlet. The base of this polish is a dark greyish blue with dense floating purple shimmer. Which is propably why it looks sooo blue in my photos. I have to admit that althouth this isn't the most unique polish and is crazy hard to build it really has grown on me. I like it more than I thought I would. I don't know when or if I will wear it again since I have a couple hundred untried's in my stash. I'm still not ready to throw it away. Bottom line this is not worth lemming and there are much better purples out there.

All pics taken in natrual light.

This is my new shower curtain and a near dup in color......

Closest to actual color......

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  1. oh how i miss the Grocery outlet... used to live in northern CA, and moved to NM closest one is in AR grrr not fair, anyway to the point, used to find the best polishes there at low prices. Actually have one of the same brand is a sheer green color havent tried it bc of the sheerness but maybe one day.

    this color looks alot like Sally Xtreme wear in Pacific Blue might work layered over that way you get the color without so many coats of color.


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