Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 10 Award, Thanks Olivia C. :)

Happy Dance!!! I figured out how to upload an award! As long as I've been blogging I never known how to do that! I was nominated for this award by Olivia C of Livy Lu Lu. Olivia is a huge sweetheart and a pleasure to read about. She has alot of varity on her blog.

Check out her super awesome blog here.....

I'm suspose to award this to ten other bloggers and I was planning on doing that this weekend But I spent the whole time in bed. My daughter came down with strep throat last week and I've been fighting to keep myself healthy. I don't feel sick but I spent all my spare time resting so I'm just going to say a big HUGE thank you to Oliva C!!!!!

I hope to have a polish post up in a few days. :) p.s. my spell check doesn't work... sorry!

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  1. You're so sweet- thank you for all the kind words! I love your blog!


Hello and thank you for your comment, I hope to start blogging regularly again soon. :)