Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Gems, Lady Luck

Hello! I finally figured out a way to upload some pics, but I can't crop them and they aren't to great so this is just a fix for today. But I'm so happy to be back. My Internet at home is spotty but better than nothing. My Plan is to edit some pics in the evening and then email them to my work account and upload them on my break. Of course it probably won't be everyday, I just don't have the time and My nails are rarely painted anymore :(
Anyhoo, here's the polish. Lady luck is soooo pretty my pic's don't do this justice at all! But They where taken with my cell phone so they are better than I hoped this is 3 coats with top coat. This polish for me was thick and gloppy so extra care is need to get an even coat, but worth it in the end. This Mani only last one day But I blame that on not using a base coat, which I find to be extremely important when using any sort of glitter.
HAHAHA! I'm Rusty. Have an amazing day! Love the ones you love!!!!