Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Want Santa left in my stocking!!! Damn! I'm Good ;)

Hello, here's just a quick peak at what I got for xmas. This for me was the best Holiday I've had in a long time. I've been on a very low buy for over two year snow so this was an amazing gift to myself, 1 of these came from my mom along with a bunch of nail glitters that I'm looking forward to playing with (and so are my girls!) Two of these came from my dad. The kids got me the Hard Candy Polishes. I guess the fam knows what I like...Lucky Me!! As far as I'm concerned nail polish is the best gift ever! I've been playing with these colors tons although I'm still having a terrible time getting good pics...oh well I'll get better and eventually so will the natural lighting....... Did you hear it's snowy in Seattle? Yep just a little so far in my neck of the woods but it still makes for a cold early morning bus ride into work, but I'm thankfully I can still make it in and get paid! I've been working for over a year now and things are still as tight as ever but I have just enough extra to make things special when I need to. Life is good (at least better)


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