Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Essence colour & Go #53, You Belong To Me

OK,  my computer is driving me crazy! Maybe it's just to early to be typing. The truth is I should be dressed and headed out the door right now. But I really want to try getting post up on a regular. So here I am at 5am, stalling my inevitable hike down the snowy hill to my bus stop. I have to work just about everyday.... it gets old. :(

Any Hoo this is the nail polish 2-3 coats, SV top coat. This polish has just a hint of green tone to it and is so pretty and vibrant. first pic show color best. Fast drying time, good formula.

I luv these little mini's at at a dollar a piece they are so affordable!! This is my mani from yesterday. I'm trying not to smoke and on my first break at work yesterday I went to the ladies room and painted my nails. I figure for every pack of smokes I buy I could be buying a bottle of OPI or 8 of these Essence polishes! So I'm doing my best to just say no. :) Today I'm gonna add a little glitter. :)

I'm off to get dressed....
Luv the ones you love and be thankful you have them!!!!

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