Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Contest for Nail Art... Look at this Good Luck

So, I don't really do nail art, my hands/nails are crazy small and my nails are always short and uneven, But I know a lot of you are uber talented so give it a try!! Why Not!!

Sorry Life is still crazy and my lap top won't charge FML!! hahaha Just Kidding :)

Hi, Kitty. We are so appreciative of your review of Dazzle Dry's nail system and quick-drying lacquers in your blog. Your opinion is indeed valuable to us. We'd like to inform you of our latest promotional drive called NAIL IT, a nail art contest that's running from Feb 7 to Feb 22. We're asking Dazzle Dry fans to post their best nail art photos on our Fan Page, for a chance to win a 3-piece Nail System kit and 3 Dazzle Dry lacquers of their choice. We hope you can join us in getting the word around about the contest, either by posting a blast on your blog, Tweeting about it, or by promoting it on your own Facebook fan page. Thank you for your time, and have an awesome day. Sincerely, Martine De Luna Fan Page Manager for Dazzle Dry Quick Drying Nail Polish

Go gettem' Ladies!

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