Friday, February 17, 2012

Sally Hansen,China Glaze and Revlon, Silver Sparkle Goodness

HELLO!!! So I think I'm going Crazy, I swear I posted this already?!?!?! Anywho this is the fun and easy mani I did awhile back. This is the closest thing to nail art I do. To get this look I started off with a layer of my favorite Silver polish, Revlon's Lily Chrome, Then alternated nails using China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara (one coat) and Sally Hansen's Ice Queen(two coats).
 I luv'd this look!!!  
Below is the finished look, LT is the pointer and ring fingers IQ on the other 3. IQ is more sparse and has Baby Pink, Blue and Silver Hexagon Glitter floating in a clear base with Silver/holographic glitter. LT is loaded with dense blue and silver glitter in a clear base.

Below are the products I used... Bruch on nail glue instead of a Base coat, Polishes and Seche Vite Top Coat (If you didn't know this stuff is better then Sliced bread...Hands Down!)
On a side note I thought I'd take a moment and remind and or notify my readers of a few things...
*My nails are thin and always break, So short and uneven is kinda my thing
*I never ever clean or touch up my nails ...Who has the time!?
*My cuticles are always a mess and dry too!
*I'm crazy busy, my computer is crap and my camera isn't much better
* I live in Seattle, Rain means clouds, so my pics, like 90% of the year are without "Sunlight"
*This blog is 3 years old!
*And I LUV Color

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