Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OPI, Be A Dahlia Won't You

This is just a quick post, Life is insane! As always! I found out Friday after I got home from work that the sleez back landlord/owner hasn't paid rent since 10/01/10 and the bank is foreclosing on the house I rent which means me and my kids have to move soon, before school gets out for the summer so I'm a little frustrated especially since the landlord is trying to act like it's just a loan modification and won't really foreclose he's just saying that so he can milk me for every dollar he can! I'm not buyin his BS anymore!! F. Him!!

This is an awsome Pink shimmer polish and I luv it! This glows from within and is much pretty in person. This reminded me of Piggy polishe's Pink-ing of you, But this has a Blue undertone and POY is more os an orange base, Also this isn't quite as flashy as POY but still awesome.
This was 2-3 Coats with top coat.
All pics taken on a super crappy overcast day, I Heart Seattle!!!

Luv who you luv and be thankful you have them!


  1. Sorry you have to deal with that nonsense! I hope you find the perfect place soon.

  2. Sorry about the landlord mess--thinking good thoughts for you!

  3. EverythingsDiamond- I know in my heart I will!!!

    KarenD - Thanks, you always make me feel better :)


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