Friday, March 2, 2012

Icing, Frost Yourself

Hello, Happy Friday, Well for you that is...I hope!  I'm sick as a dog! I had to go into work, one of those times you just can't call in. I did mange to leave about an hour early although I don't think it helped. I'm probably going to spend the weekend in bed, ugh! I have plans to go to Ikea Sunday and pick up 3 more Helmers!!!I'm so excited, I hope I'm better by then! I have 2 completely cram packed Helmers already. And I have polish in shoe boxes and cosmetic bags all over my room, I hope to get more organized before I have to move. I also want to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond as well, I was there last weekend and picked up some killer stacking draw organizers that I just luv!! I want 12 more! Owwww I hope I get better fast!!! 

Okay so that's my me rant on to the polish already!!! 
This is Icings Frost Yourself, I don't normally get into polish names that much but I just luv this one especially 
On a day like today, I wanted to tell everyone to go Frost themselves lol! This was 3 coats polish 1 coat SV top coat. As you can see from the pics this has Silver holographic/Rainbow reflecting hexagon glitter which is uber popular now days (yes!) in two different sizes and it also has your A-typical silver glitter all floating in a clear base. On the nails this had So Much Bling I felt lock a Rock Stars Groupie LUV IT!!!
You might ask if I felt this need a color base and although this would work great as a top coat I felt that on it's own it was still great. In my pics you can see the bare spots but in person this has so much light reflecting goodness you can't see past it. Hope that makes sense. 

Luv who you Luv and be thankful you have them!

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