Thursday, March 22, 2012

Claire's Chunky lavender Glitter, Precious Metals Mini Collection, no name

Hello!, Happy early Friday too you and Happy B-day too me! Tomorrow I turn 32, the kids got me a present. Me and some coworkers are going to lunch and I get to sleep in and still get paid a full 8 hours. So I'm pretty happy with all of that. :)
So this is an awesome polish, Chunky lavender glitter in a tinted purple-ish base. This was really hard to work with but when your nails are this short everything is hard to work with especially anything bumpy.
My nails are super short here because about a month ago I chopped them off and stopped using acetone. I'm happy to report that they have grown better then they have in years, but I spend 4 times as long trying to get my polish off!! I also wanted to show you how small my nails are, normally they aren't much longer then what you see here.

 Below is me holding a penny between my tthunb and middle finger......
 this is my thumb in front of a quarter.....
 Me sitting at my desk.... I've had bangs for a couple of years, I cut them myself. I just trimmed them last night and they are way to short lmao! Super Hot!!
Luv Who You Luv And Be Thankful You Have Them. Have a great weekend!!! :)


  1. Love your fringe (that's our word for 'bangs' in England). No way is it too short.

    Great glasses and fun nails. Looking good.

  2. I like that Fringe! Thanks I feel Great :)

  3. Happy birthday, belatedly! The quarter shot is interesting--I had to pull a coin out of my purse to compare and yes, you beat me on smallness of nails for sure. :)

  4. Thanks Karen! Bigger Nails are Waaaay Better, My Daughter has bigger ones and they are way easier to paint and a lot Prettier Too. :)


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