Friday, March 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Crystalic Nail Color/polish 418D, Mango Madness

Hello and Happy Friday!!! The Sun is out! Seattle's weather this time of year is crazy and unpredictable and changes by the minute but I'm luvin today, so far. I'm currently on a baking spree and later today me and the kids are gonna spend time picking up trash on the street. Aren't I a strange mom? lol! Truth be told we have 2 paid Volunteer Days at my work and my Uber awesome boss lets me use them to do "community service type"stuff with the kids. They had  a no school day today and I thought lets pick up trash at the park or if it's to wet to walk we can clean up the street we live on.

So here's an older Wet n Wild polish from their Crystalic line. Mango madness is a pretty color and applied nicely in 2-3 coats. Although this line of polishes tended to be sheer and thin/watery. If you applied them carefully without using to much at a time they worked well and were smooth an even (like a holo). I think the biggest problem with these is that the brush picks up way to much polish from the get go (like Hot topic bottles), so be sure to wipe of the extra.

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