Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alanna's Vaca Mani, Loreal Yellow Buzz 930 and OPI Rainbow Connection HL C09

Hello there! Just Trying out my new computer which I Love!!! I still need a new camera, but I uploaded a few pics from my phone. I never thought I'd be down to just a camera phone again but hey it's better than nothing. It's a terrible camera so we'll see how many good pics I can produce.

This is one of Alanna's Favorite combo's, yellow and rainbows. I took these poolside which is why the skin looks so pink. I'm super jealous of her long thick health nails!! But I love to paint them. :)

Here we have L'Oreal Yellow Buzz with OPI Rainbow Connection layered on top. 2 coats each with SV top coat.

 Here is my jelly sandwich mani I did at the same time. I'll post this soon (pics are Bad)
Luv who you luv and be thankful you have them!