Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Milani 582 Teal Glitter layered under Mary Kay French Vanilla

Hello dear readers, more pics from my cell phone..... This is the mani you saw in my last post.

This is my take on the jelly sandwich. This looked awesome from a distance but up close it was uber gross, lol! I started this mani with just the Milani glitter (2 coats, I think this needs to be thinned as it was icky thick) and 2 coats SV top coat. This was still super bumpy with considerable shrinkage, I didn't have time to change my polish so I threw on 2 coats of The Mary Kay polish and another layer of SV. Overall I luv'd this look but next time I will do it in a straight go and skip the extra coats of SV in the middle. We that's it for now hope your first week of 2013 brings good things!

Luv who you luv and be thankful you have them!!

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