Friday, July 23, 2010

China Glaze Polish, Meet Me In Prism

Just a quick post today I know everyone has seen these a thousand times but not from me hehehe! Happy Friday!!! I will post the Winner to my Giveaway Very Soon!!

This is China Glaze's, Visit Me In Prism a polish from the Kaleidoscope Collection. This is a silver, chunky Holo with a reddish/pinkish tint to it. Luv this color! China glaze is probably my all time fav nail polish brand and I luv their holo's I have the whole Kaleidoscope and OMG collections. They are the Best!!!


  1. waa~! I really like this colour...I don't have any like this (T_T)

  2. I like it! The pink tones make it different!

  3. Wow, it's an amazing colour. I agree with you about China Glaze. It's my fav nail polish brand too :)

  4. Ah, this could make me cry.I've looked everywhere for a holo.And they keep appearing more and more beautiful in your blogs.
    So shiny they're magic :p
    Love it as you guessed :D

  5. I have both collections also. I'm trying to get all of the OPI holo's. I can't find the earlier ones so I guess I have to look to ebay. I've never bought from there. I love holo's and they always look so gorgeous. This is a beautiful one that I never tire of. Have a nice weekend.


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