Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been distant, Sorry about that.

And the winner is................................... Jess of Polished Lyrics, Congrats Dear! Check her blog out

Below is a pic of my perfectly wonderful helper who drew the winning slip, This is my Daughter Alanna, I love her very much!!! Thanks Alanna for Helping Mommy!!!
So why the absence, Well it's been rough and busy here lately. I'm trying to get a job my unemployment runs out in 2 weeks and I've been running around to temp agency's and taking online courses to sharpen my skills but still no luck.... I will keep trying. Honestly I'm scared and stressed to the max I have no savings and no one to turn to. So I really need to find a 9-5! Also I'm hoping to get a weekend job at my Dollar Tree! Hopefully soon I will be working 7 days a week. Also my children leave for their annual 2 week Vacation with their dad tomorrow morning. I'm so happy that their dad always has the finances to take are kids on a nice vacation every year. I miss them soooo much when they are gone but I just keep telling myself that they are having the time of their lives and that makes me feel better again. I was really hoping to have a job by now, so it's kind of depressing too. Also my Sister moved out after 19 months of living with me. This should be awesome!!!! But She's being very immature and is not speaking to me which is really disappointing considering all me and the kids have gone thru/sacrificed to help her when she needed it. On top of not speaking to me she also is unable to take a lot of her furniture with her so it's my responsibility to find a new home for it. And she still has another load left in the garage to pick up. Hopefully by the time the kids get home, I will have 2 jobs and the garage magically transformed into their play room again. Anyways I'm stressed, busy and a little depressed. I will try and post regularly as much as I can. But have no fear, I won't give up!